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Skillet News

Below are a collection of e-mails from Skillet's John Cooper:



3/14/08 - Myspace Contest!

Help Skillet tell everyone about their Comatose Tour!
Contest Dates: 03/17/08 - 05/12/08

Weekly Prizes:
One (1) winner will be drawn every Monday beginning 03/17/08. Weekly winners will be contacted by email and will receive:

  • An autographed Skillet Poster & Deluxe Edition CD
  • Entry into the grand prize drawing on May 12, 2008

Grand Prize:
One (1) Grand prize winner will be contacted by email and will receive:

  • One (1) Autographed Skillet Guitar
  • One (1) Autographed Skillet CD Library

How Do You Sign Up?
Contestants must meet a minumum of two (2) of the following requirements for the duration of the contest, from March 17 - May 12, 2008 to be eligible to win the Weekly and/or Grand Prizes. All pages will be monitored to assure continued eligibility.

The more requirements you meet, the more likely you are to win the Grand Prize!! All participants are eligible for grand prize.

  1. Post a Skillet Comatose Tour banner to your Myspace page.
  2. Send out bulletins announcing the Comatose Tour
  3. Put Skillet in your "Top Friends" on MySpace.
  4. Add a song from the Comatose album to your MySpace page.
  5. Make Skillet's current default MySpace profile picture your MySpace default profile picture.
  6. Email the Skillet Comatose Tour E-card to your friends.
  7. Hand out/post Comatose Tour flyers.
  8. Come up with other creative ways to spread the word!


3/10/08 - COMATOSE TOUR!

Hey everyone what's up! We are finally getting ready to go on the "Comatose" tour! We have spent the last year mainly opening for other acts, such as Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Mercy Me. Now we are going to do our own headlining tour, which means for all you rockers who have been complaining that we never play long enough (that is, because we are playing before another band), now is your chance to see the full show! Well, if you can handle it. Make sure you do some neck stretches prior to the concert so you do not pull something when you're headbanging! Other cool news about the tour…we are bringing out Thousand Foot Krutch and Decyfer Down! We have talked several times in the last few years about doing a run with TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch) and it is finally happening! Our good friends Decyfer Down have already toured with us a little, but nothing this extensive, so we are looking forward to it. Also cool: we are touring in some cities that people have continually asked us to come to, and we plan on making those people happy! We are for the first time EVER doing a New York City show! And we are playing Chicago; not a suburb, but actual Chicago at the House of Blues! Now, there are some people who think that bands with a message of faith, such as ourselves, shouldn't rock out in a place like House of Blues or New York City; because they think Christian music is lame. I can't wait for those people to leave the show and go home and look in the mirror to find that they don't have a face left because it got melted off by shredding rock guitar! Secondly, my hope is that instead of people leaving our show drunk and angry, that people will leave with more hope than when they came. Knowing that their life matters and there is a God who loves them.

So for all of the people who have emailed Skillet or sent us a myspace comment asking us when we are going to come and play a full show; it is finally time for the Comatose Tour! Plus, you are getting two other awesome bands! So I want everyone to spread the word that the tour is going out, and for those of you guys who will be driving a few hours to rock, make sure and buy advance tickets so you don't get turned away! Be sure to send the tour ecard to all your friends and post the web banners everywhere! Also, check our myspace site regularly for contests to win cool prizes! Lastly, I look forward to seeing every one of you, and as I like to say, "Shut up and rock."

Stand and stay strong,
John Cooper


1/15/08 - New Skillet Drummer!

Hey Panheads! We are out on tour bringing the rock to Winter Jam and loving it! Thanks to all of you who have already come out and supported us!!

I am writing an email to let everyone know about a change in the life of Skillet. Some of you already know, or have been speculating that Lori our drummer is no longer with Skillet. Unfortunately, this is the case. Lori told us about two months ago that she feels that it's time for her to come off of the road and start a new chapter in her life. We are of course going to miss her!! I wanted to let you all know sooner but the task of finding another drummer and getting prepared for this tour right on top of Christmas was overwhelming. On top of that Lori was finishing up the year and helped us train a new player so it was a bit premature to make any announcement.

Lori’s last show with us was New Years Eve where we rocked it out together for one last time! She is going to miss all of the loyal fans who have been so supportive of the "coolest chick drummer ever!"

Lastly, we wanted to wait to make this announcement after we had a new drummer in place so there would not be those who think that Skillet is over. We are far from it! So as you know know we are losing an awesome girl drummer, and replacing her with another awesome girl drummer! We will let you guys know more about the new member soon, but for now, her name is Jen Ledger; she just turned 18; and she is looking forward to rockin your faces off!

As always, stand and be strong,
John Cooper