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Everyone who has not put their faith in Jesus and been brought into fellowship with Him has an emptiness inside. Though it is rarely identified for what it actually is, every person experiences this void before Jesus saves them. Gods Word says that He has placed eternity in the hearts of men (Ecc 3:11). We all have this inbuilt desire for life and permanence, we were created for eternity. People try in different ways to fill up the deep desire inside of them, some in more drastic ways than others. Our generation is desperate enough to go further in finding this fulfillment than those of generations before us. If they are honest with themselves and dissatisfied enough to express the fact that they are empty inside, they begin on an adventure to discover what will satisfy this lack they know is eating them away. Gradually, as people grow deeper and deeper into numbness, their desperation turns into anger at the world they were born into. The desire to be accepted and fulfilled by anyone and anything grows and changes until what began as simply dabbling into new experiences becomes an unbreakable pattern of life. They spiral down, becoming more and more desperate for the one thing that will satisfy this yearning for something eternal.

There are so many young people who have been caught in the traps of drugs, addictions, wrong relationships, and they all remain unfulfilled. People knowingly demolish their bodies for the sake of fun even though the highs of the drugs dont outweigh the crashing come downs. They self-diagnose, explaining away their numbness in going through abortions, their phobias and lack of motivation to live, all in attempt to redeem their sense of identity. In order to find the answer, they fire questions about Gods existence to religious people, only to be met with condemnation and distaste. To every new experience, they scream out, Save me! Save me from my life! Surely this cannot be my legacy, how did my life end up like this? All day they are faced with others caught in the same web of depression and insignificance. Everywhere around them they see destruction of, and yet need for, relationships. Even though they are still in their teens they speak about their regret in wasting their life and yet fail to move out of it, for fear of the world in which they see people consistently lacking just like they are.

Matthew 9:10-13 says, While Jesus was having dinner at Matthews house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners? On hearing this, Jesus said, It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous but sinners.

The generation we were born into is screaming out for God and yet it is easy to become so focused on our own lives that people experiencing this unfulfilment are pushed into the deepest corner of our minds. We feel intimidated by people so different from us and yet claim to be Alien ourselves. Young people are making suicidal attempts every single day and we have the answer. All it takes is an expression of love and acceptance to our peers and to boldness to step into their lives just like Jesus did during his life. Jesus spent time with the outcasts, with the people who were steeped in obvious sin. He went to those people confidently because He knew that through Himself he could set them free from their captivity. We have to extend grace towards those who might put up a defensive front, and be willing to get our hands dirty sometimes.

We have great news for our peers. Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost (see Luke 19:10). Jesus will forgive every sin no matter how bad or shocking it seems to us. Sin is sin to God whether it is a lustful thought or a murderous act and Jesus blood shed is enough to cover it all. We must tell people about this wonderful salvation and direct them to the Lord so they can repent and receive forgiveness. God is more than able to heal any wounds that were caused in the past and completely restore people to wholeness. So, lets not be exclusive in preaching the gospel but reach all people, whatever their lifestyle, leading them to real fulfillment.