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Paint deals with the slightly heady but beautiful concept of restoration of the first Adam by Jesus, the Second Adamı. This is the real good news or gospel of Jesus Christ!

God created us to walk with him in close relationship, as sons and daughters of
a wonderful daddy. Mankind spoiled this with an act of disobedience in the Garden of Eden (took the bite). Now Jesus, who is the ³second Adam² or the fulfillment of Godıs original intention, has restored that break between God and man so that we can once again partake of the divine communion with God. In the song, the speaker expresses the fallen condition of man away from God: hunger, shame, racism. Then, he/she asks in desperation and frustration why we took that bite.

Finally Jesus appears on the scene, taking a walk in our shoes as fully man and
living a sinless life which we could never do. He satisfied Godıs wrath towards us and our sinfulness when he died on the cross as a sacrifice for us. He covers us and illuminates our path to God, giving color to an otherwise bleak existence. The writer begs for Jesus to paint him/her into a colorful expression of God himself, without the colors of a certain race (brown, pink, etc.) but derived from the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, whose red blood paid for restoration to the Creator.

In the end, we can celebrate the painting of God in our lives, as He restores our
mistake in the Garden to what was His original intention, which is more than even Adam and Eve had experienced, being powerful agents of His eternal kingdom coming in the earth. We should see ourselves, if we are in Christ, as no less and live as none other than the sons and daughters of the reigning and coming King.