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Jen Ledger during WinterJam '08

Check out this Music Myspace of Jen and her sister singing!

Name: Jennifer Carole Ledger

Position in band: Drummer

Birthday: December 8, 1989

Hometown: Coventry

Family: One sister, Marie, and non-identical twin brothers Martin and David.
Jen is the youngest of the four.

(information above supplied by Jen's sister, Marie -- Thank you!)
The first myspace blog from Jen:
ello ello ello!!:)

Hows it goin all you panheads?!
Thought it was about time introduced my self to you all seeing as its been NEARLY FOUR MONTHS since i began playing with skillet !!! ...so here we go:
my names jen! im 18 years old, and im from England!!! WOOHOO!!! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE chocolate, cookies, brownies, and almost anything else thats tastey and bad for you! hehe!

What more could you want in an introduction!??

So im having such a great time on the comatose tour!! We just got done playing a show in maine and the crowd was AWESOME!!! and now were all chillin on the bus watching tv. a perfect end to the evening.!....although i must admit theres a huge bag of cookies sitting on the counter to my left which might make my evening that little bit better but im choosing to have self control and eat good for the evening!!:) hehe!

So im sure bens said in previous blogs that it seems really easy to get sick on tour, and im already sick again!!!! Last week i had throw-up bad tummy sickness...and then this week i have cold and flu sickness!!! ohh noooo!!! i lost my voice a few days ago too!!:( i really hope it comes back soon...i miss it:(

were on our way to new york city tonight, im SO excited!!! ...i mean its not like i ever get much time to look around the places we visit, but were in new york, like ACTUAL NEW YORK?!!
Where rachel joey and the gang hang out and drink coffee all day long!!! WOOHOOO!! ill have to make sure i take some pictures and send them home to my mum!! she'll be so excited!!haha

anyways im realising im not good at writing blogs so late at night cuz i just start chatting about all kinds of nonsense!! so sorry if i dont make much sense!!

i hope your al having a great time and enjoying life!!

take care

your pal jen:)
Jennifer Ledger

Drummer Lori Peters of Christian rock band Skillet has left the band. In a letter to fans, Skillet lead singer and founder John Cooper explains the reason was that "she felt that it was time for her to come off the road and start a new chapter in her life."

Currently on tour with Skillet is new drummer Jen Ledger. Not much has been mentioned about her, except that she is 18 and from England. No information on any previous bands or tours she has been with.

However, a search online reveals she was one of the top 12 finalists in the 2006 UK Young Drummer of the Year competition. Her bio for that competition reads as follows:

Jennifer, from Coventry, started playing the drums roughly three and a half years ago, following encouragement from her  older brother.  Following in his footsteps, she joined the church band at the age of 13.  At first, she comments,  drumming was just for fun, but recently her drum tutor, Simon Alexander, has inspired her to take it further. Now it is not just a hobby, but a huge part of her life!

Jennifer has been involved with several bands and currently fills the seat for no less than three.  She was recently involved with a Guinness World Record attempt for endurance drumming along with the other drum students from Nexus Academy.  They were successful in drumming for fifty-two hours and fifteen minutes each, smashing the world record.   Jennifer commented that she was to find out that she had got into the top forty, let alone the top twelve, as she was not particularly pleased with her DVD!  She plans to give her all in this competition and will be using this opportunity in any way that she can.

She did not win but did impress the judges as well as became only the second woman to ever make the final 12.

Posted January 30, 2008 (information taken from ChristianConcertZine.com - click here to view)