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(from http://www.skillet.org/bodyhtml/controlcenter/dailyarchive/july99.htm)

July 18, 1999
Memphis, TN

I know it's been a long time with no update. It always seems like I have no time but I should be able to get to this. Well, even though it looks like nothing is going on in Skillet world, much is. We are changing our ISP for our webpage, which all that means for you is faster load times, we are doing most of the major festivals this summer, including our first time at Cornerstone (that rocked!),are midway into our new CD, which will NOT be a worship record, that was postponed, but will be called (tentatively) INVINCIBLE. It is now due out February 16th, 2000, so all opther dates you have heard, even from us, are null and void. I am going to try to update this more often and if anyone has pictures from shows from 1999 and wants to email them to us that would be great, you can see some at the tour photos page http://www.skillet.org/photos.html .

Probably the biggest news we've been holding onto for quite a while is that Ken (me) is (am) leaving the band permanently in September and won't be playing on the worship tour at all. This has been coming for a long time for us but I know may be a shock to some of you. I am excited about what God has for me off the road, as the touring life can be very hard. My wife Joy and two-year-old son Free need me at home and I miss them terribly. I am very soon going to be teaching music like I aspired to before Skillet started and leading worship again I am sure. Also, I may even be doing some new music in the worship vein or with some different guys on a smaller scale, details still working out.

It is a very peaceful and exciting time for me and the band. I fully love and support Skillet in the ministry that will continue, I am sure the new guitarist (whoever that will be) will be wonderful, and I may even be able to assist Skillet with some office or internet stuff. I am looking forward to seeing some of you good friends again at festivals or concerts. Some select shows in the fall may be me playing but not worship tour dates and none past 1999, depends on new guitarist.

If you have any questions email us, if you want to audition for the guitarist spot DO NOT email us, send your letter and tape of playing to Skillet, 9160 Hwy 64, Suite 12, Arlington, TN 38002. Please indicate your seriousness in the letter along with your experience pastoral reference, as we will read these profiles first before listening to tapes.This is a serious ministry and hard work position, so don't take it lightly. We wouldn't even announce it here except that emails will pour in, so PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ABOUT AUDITIONING!

Love you all, see you on the West Coast this week!