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Hard News Cafe: In closing, is there any one message you would like to send out to the youth today? Cause a lot of your songs are like that, like Looking for Angels.

John Cooper: Ya know if I could sum up, say one thing, it would be Looking for Angels really. Which is the idea of course is that there is just so much darkness in the world and so much evil and depression. That song really kinda lists everything from wars to senseless violence, to racism, to drug abuse, to internet pornography, in the whole thing. There's so much going on, you can kinda look around and it's easy to ask yourself the question, "Is this ever going to OK? Is there anything in life worth living for?" I hope the people find, in our music, maybe a little bit of peace to those questions. And Looking for Angels, has a little bit of a twist which is not just yes there is hope but also like "What are you going to do to make this world a better place, to help someone who is needy . . . the poor or whatever that may be." To reach out to someone else and connect. I think that were not really connecting like we need to. Its one of the things that I find really. . . . It seems to me people are connecting less then when I was younger except there are more forms of communication now, in that its all impersonal. All this massive technology that we have accomplished but we are really reaching out to one another less and less. And I think the American Dream is a little bit to blame for that, that it's all about me and that it's all about my money and the kingdom of . . . me.

Korey Cooper: The Kingdom of Self.

John Cooper: Yeah, the Kingdom of Self . . . and so I think that's the message. Yes, the world is getting darker but there is hope and why don't you be a part of the solution to someone else and you just might find that when you begin to reach out to someone else that you don't feel so lonely.


**This portion of the interview was taken from HardNewsCafe.usu.edu