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The first 20 facts are from

1. In a week on the bus, Skillet goes through an average of 3 pounds of coffee beans and four 32oz bottles of flavored creamer. (And John and Lori do not drink coffee!)

2. When Skillet gets together for meals at home they call them, 'Ecclesiastes Days' where for one meal, they forget about any diets they might be practicing and adopt the phrase, 'Eat, Drink and Be Merry.' (Common meals include cheeseburgers, cheese fries, milkshakes, omelets with large amounts of cheese, Korey's famous chocolate chip waffles with butter on top, hot chocolate, and real soda, not diet...)

3. The guy who engineered Skillet's 'Alien Youth' record, Pete Matthews, is the one who found Evanescence. While Skillet recorded, the band would come in to do pre-production for their multi-platinum selling record.

4. Korey and Lori started together in a band called, 'Alkeme'. On their record, John made a guest guitarist appearance.

5. Skillet traveled for their first 5 years in white 15 passenger vans and trailers.

6. John received a full scholarship to the University of Memphis for trombone and marching band. He attended for 3 years then dropped out because Skillet signed to their first label.

7. In 1997, Ben, age 13 at the time, attended his first Skillet concert at a tiny club in St Louis, MO. The thought of actually joining the band never crossed his mind. He attended about 10 more of their concerts before joining the band at age 16.

8. John worked at McDonald’s for 3 years before starting Skillet.

9. Lori, John, and Ben lost a combined weight of 55 lbs while making their new record 'Comatose.'

10. John was Korey's first boyfriend.

11. John started a clothing line in 2001 called "Invinciblewear" that sold over the internet. It only lasted for about 2 years but we still see the clothes at concerts.

12. Skillet was nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for Gospel rock record of the year. We all attended the Grammy's and took a random photo with Billy gibbons of ZZ-top and Zach Braff.

13. John's parents would not allow him to listen to rock music, or any other music with a drum beat.

14. Skillet got signed to their first label in ‘96 after only being together for one month. They began recording the first album two months later.

15. Korey started playing guitar on stage with Skillet in 2003. She learned how to play about 4 months prior to that date.

16. Skillet started as a three piece grunge rock band. We added our fourth member, Korey, when we decided to play with live keyboards and entered the world of electronica.

17. Skillet was told by an unnamed label in 1998 that it was unfortunate that the band was Christian. They wanted to sign us and liked our music, but people would never buy an album from a Christian band. Soon after, Sixpence None the Richer, followed by P.O.D., followed by Chevelle, followed by Switchfoot came onto the scene.

18. John began taking classical piano at age 5 and continued through the eighth grade. His mother was a piano, voice, and flute teacher. After she passed away when John was age 14, he began singing in his first rock band.

19. Over Skillet’s decade of touring full-time, we have walked out of our vehicle to find a tire and rim completely gone at least 4 times. We have lost the trailer off of the hitch going 65 mph on the interstate and watched it ride on its own into a ditch. We have watched tires come off and roll past us as we were driving. But the biggest treat that we ever had was when we went under a bridge that was shorter than we thought, and it knocked the roof off and it crumbled into pieces as were sitting in it.

20. If you were to hear play lists from each individual member of Skillet's iPod, there would hardly be one recurring artist due to the vast differences in musical taste. This accounts for why Skillet NEVER EVER listens to music together on the bus.