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Korey Cooper: "Yeah, that song was primarily written to those who are cutters or, you know, suicide, that whole deal. Over the last 2 to 3 years, we've been touring for a long time, but we've talked to a lot, a lot of young people that are into one or the other and it's so prevelent. I think it was kind of shocking for us 'cause at how prevelent it is.. almost one of the 'in' things to do it cutting and so we wanted to write a song where people, again, it's regarding loneliness as well. You're not aloe, you're never alone... and people just need to know that, man."
John Cooper: "I think that most people that really want to commit suicide probably do, and I think the cutting thing is not really about that as much as it is other issues. And it's crazy that it's become such a fad and stuff but, you know, I think that really is again a lot to do with this whole selfishness thing and just, you know, extreme life. It's like doing something extreme and gettin' crazy, it's like the next adrenaline rush and the next whatever. And then you have your people that do just feel really alone and life sucks and 'I'm just gonna... whatever.' I think, again, I do think it's something we have to learn to satisfy our souls. The things that we long for the most all in our lives are not gonna be found with the next material possession. So, The Last Night, again can be taken in several different ways. This song could be someone laying there on their pillow at night and having this discussion with God, 'My life sucks and I don't want to do this anymore' - 'is there anybody out there?' type of thing, and it could be God saying, 'Yeah, that's right. I could be the one that will meet those needs.' But you know, the other thing about The Last Night is it could be a friend, that you're going to a friend, and there's someone that is saying, 'No matter what happens I will always be there for you.' You know, I think I like that twist on the song, that it could be either or because so much of the time we need somebody to be there for us. And as friends, we don't do the best job at being there for our fellow brothers and sisters... and if we are there, it's usually because we have a hidden motive about it. The record is called Comatose, and there's a lot of songs with a lot of these ideas in it, and one of the things is, let's wake up out of this sleep that we've been in, and what can I do for someone else? That's a pretty radical statement, I think. That's a pretty radical statement for this generation - what can I do for someone else?"