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John Cooper: "Comatose has many, many facets, but, basically what for people listening that don't know what Comatose means is 'in the state of being in a coma,' you know, simply. And I do that think in so many ways as humans that we are in a dream state... almost like the Matrix. we were in the Matrix when Neo kinda wakes up and he says his eyes hurt in the first movie and the Laurence Fishburne character says it's 'cause he's never really used them before. That's kinda, in a way, what Comatose is about. It's about, as a society, as humans on the earth, can you look and see how negative we've become, you know? And what the world has become? And all the violence that is happening, just the senseless violence, all the self gratification, selfishness, and self-loathing that it is occurring as a consequence of how self gratifying we've become as a people. You've got teen suicide rates up and, I mean, how many school shootings are gonna happen this year? It's basically as a people we've got to wake up and make this world a better place. And when you look at the artwork for the record, it's got this boy kind of staring up to the side in a kind of mesmerized position and when you open up the artwork you see that he's kind of looking at this jumbled mass of electronics, tvs, computers, and equipment. And it's basically saying that yeah, we've become this technological based monster and communication's  easier, more ways to communicate than we've ever had before... but yet we're feeling more alone as the year goes by because we're not really reaching out to other people. And there is a social, kind of conscious, message to the record of making the world a better place and looking around saying, 'What can you do to make a difference in this world?' To bring hope to people who don't have hope? People that are feeling lonely... that you would bring them hope. Loving people that might hate you. So that's kind of what Comatose is about - it's a very broad message but it's kind of a wake up call, you know? Come out of all that selfishness and all the things that we think the world has to offer that, in the end, do not satisfy. And wake up out of that state and rise above it."