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John Cooper: "Yeah, Collide was about situations where in our country; the war and September 11, and people... a lot of young people for the first time feeling insecure you know about the future, like 'what's gonna happen here?' You know, you have some... uh, haha, I don't know if you remember this but after September 11 there was this kind of like Christian movie thing come out called Megiddo or something. It was about... it was like a sequel to like the Omega Code or one of these movies that's about the end of the world according to the bible and I kind of have a real problem with those movies and stuff. I kind of thought they were playing on people's fear to try to do something, and it kind of made me a little bit angry and I kinda thought that's not what the bible's really about, you know? So it was a little bit - you have all these people saying 'Oh it's the end of the world, it's this and this' and I just wanted to write a song saying hey, I know what it is to be afraid but we can overcome that with our faith - we have something to believe in that's secure."