"You Take My Rights Away" meaning
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John Cooper: "You Take My Rights Away was an interesting song because there's lots of different facets to the idea. One of them is, you know, that it is freeing when, I believe, you find God and all of a sudden you find purpose in life, when you know, you've never had purpose in life; it's everything. But the revelation that I felt I had when I wrote that song was that for so many years growing up in church, I had been told over and over and over basically that God wants me to be happy, and God wants this... and all of a sudden I just kind of realized, you know what? God's ultimate agenda for my life is not that I'm happy, it's that I do what He tells me to do. And I am happy being a Christian, it's kind of like.... it's a result of being a Christian as happiness, but I think true joy comes when you know that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. So that's what You Take My Rights Away is, it's a bit of a radical concept. I heard someone else talk about it, is where I got it from, so I didn't make it up, haha."